What to Do When it Feels Like Nothing Is Happening

I Was Told There’d Be Cake
— Sloane Crosley

Throw an American Dream, Madison Avenue, self-help, Photoshop, and just about any magazine that exists into a pot, mix them up, and you wouldn't be foolish to believe that life would serve up a nice slice of cake every day (gluten free or vegan if necessary) if you tried hard enough. 

It's not true, is it.

There's not always cake. Some days you're lucky to get an Ak-Mak cracker. Some days you get nothing.  

Our reptilian minds are programmed to go after cake -- at all costs! We work and try so hard we run ourselves ragged. 

Maybe there is a better way. 

The refrain in "Take it Easy" by Vanessa Carlton is gorgeous, and hints at an alternative to scrambling.

"Say it once, say it twice, to yourself, to the night / A shaman's prayer / It's natural / When it's quiet get slow"

Try This 

When it feel like nothing is happening and all you are getting is silence (or junk mail) from the world, try experimenting with getting slow, and see how it goes. Meet those seemingly inconsequential days with slowness, deliberate action, patience, a handful of faith, a walk in nature. 

Let me know how it goes. I'd love to talk more about it with you.