The Power of Perspective

My first session with a coach was a profound lesson on perspective, and yet the act itself was so small. And that, my friends, is the power of perspective. 

The coaching call began with me snuggled into a comfortable position on my bed. My pillows were propped just so, my blue tooth was adjusted just right, I was ready to go. After some initial pleasantries and a little initiation into how she worked, we got right into it. 

This particular coach worked a lot with metaphor and movement. After discovering I was on my bed, she asked me to shift a few feet to the left or the right. I chose to shift left and ended up partially perched on a stack of books and papers I had haphazardly gathered together before I placed the call. 

She asked me where I was, and I told her I very awkwardly perched on a pile of crap. She then asked me how it felt taking the call from that position. I told her the facts: it was uncomfortable and I was having trouble concetrating. Her only response was "aaaahhhhh." Then she promptly told me to move back to where I started the call. 

What you see depends on where you are. 

What you see depends on where you are. 

We moved on to another direction after that exchange, but it stuck with me deeply. I can't tell you how many times I have recalled that conversation when I have been awkwardly perched -- so-to-speak -- while looking at a sticky problem. If I find myself having trouble concentrating, and not feeling grounded, I have come to realize that a change of perspective is in order. Usually I find having both of my sit bones or feet on the ground (literally and metaphorically) can make all the difference. 

What small change could you make right now to change your perspective and get a better handle on what is right in front of you? 

If you fancy having more conversations along these lines, please drop me a line at I'd love to play with perspective with you to help you embody what is most important in your life. 

Take good care!