How to Figure Out the Next Best Move

Here's a relatively simple formula for when you feel stuck and don't know your next best move.

  • Sit on a dining room or kitchen chair
  • Feel your feet flat on the ground
  • Feel your sit bones on the chair
  • Let your sit bones support you
  • Put your hand on your belly
  • Set your intention to make the next best move
  • Take 6-10 deep belly breaths, leaving your hand on your belly. Breathe in through the nose, hold for three full seconds, and out through the mouth, pursing your mouth on the out-breath
  • Ideas will begin to come to you
  • If your idea is is accompanied by or results in panic or a feeling of depletion, don't do it.
  • Ride that wave of panic/depletion and wait for fresher thought
  • If your idea makes you body vibrate with a sense of great anticipation, warmth, calm, a sense of wonder . . . you are likely on the right track 

Try it and let me know what you think at